catering services in pune

Satvik food

Our Satvik food will definitely take your event to the different level! In our Indian tradition satvik food that is नैवेद्य ‘Bhog’ is most important part of the rituals. We are here to cater your नैवेद्य ‘Bhog’ for the rituals like Housewarming, Satyanarayan, marriage rituals etc. You will definitely be mesmerized by our very home like preparations. It will really make you feel nostalgic.

catering services in pune

Chhole Bhature

We make Chhole in amritsari style. Our masala is unique and made by us only. Apart from Chhole Bharure we serve all the punjabi delicasies. Our kaali daal, Rajma chawal and Kadhi pakode are must try!

South Indian

South Indian All day snacks like Upma, idli-Vada, dosas, uttapam, Appe can be served. You won't regret your decision after trying our #RASSAM#

Pav Bhaji

This one dish is which everyone falls in love with! We make our Pav bhaji in Amul. We can also provide live pavbhaji counter for large orders. We roast your paav with the goodness of amul as per your choice soft or crisp.

puran poli in pune

Puran Poli – Katachi Amti

Again, No mahashtrian festive meal is complete without PuranPoli. We can make entire पुरणाचा स्वयंपाक for your event. And yes we give you adequate quantity of Ghee and elaichi milk with Puranpoli.

pani puri in pune

Live Counters

We arrange live counters for Pani Puri , Chaat , Dosa, jalebi ,sandwich, Sharbat etc. We also make our Fulka/Puri/ bhatura live when you go for a buffet.

Doorstep delivery

We deliver the food at your doorstep. We ensure neat and clean packaging of the food. We also arrange a beautiful buffet for you if required. We believe in punctuality! You will never have to worry about the time. While you are busy in the function, We will ensure that everything is set up and ready to eat.